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Mon, Apr. 18th, 2005, 01:46 pm

Attention everyone!

My mom got an LJ! I'm so happy! holymothermary

<3 U Mom!

Tue, Apr. 19th, 2005 04:05 pm (UTC)

Wow. Son, you have made some interesting friends.

Well, we are all god's children, which is kinda sick if you think about it, seeing as he impregnated me...

My son is way to classy for a show like Jerry Springer. He is booked for Ricky Lake.

Wed, Apr. 20th, 2005 06:36 pm (UTC)

True. I'd always observed that Ricki Lake caters more to the "dats mah baby daddy" type of thing anyway- you'll be the first non-african americans to appear for that topic on that show I'm certain.

So how was that one night stand with your father anyway?

Thu, Apr. 21st, 2005 05:00 pm (UTC)

Well, our family is closer to African then American. We are Arab, remember?

And one night stand my ass, God and I do it like they do on the discovery channel all the time. He is the Hugh Heffner of Heaven.

Thu, Apr. 21st, 2005 06:37 pm (UTC)

Yeah Madonna, work it girl!
Is it true what they say about his penis... you know, the whole mighty lightning rod thing.

I bet you I'm better in the sack than God- he's not kinky & he doesnt sin too much. That can put a damper on sexual relations.